When do I need a separate circuit for a window A/C unit?

When a unit exceeds 7000 BTU’s, installing a separate circuit is recommended.

Why do my bulbs hum?

When bulbs are dimmed, the filaments vibrate and cause a buzzing sound.
Some bulbs have additional filaments supports to eliminate the buzz.

The dimmers that I have installed feel hot, is this normal?

All dimmers produce heat. If your dimmer becomes extremely hot,
you should have it checked by an electrician.

I have an electric space heater, can I plug it into any outlet that I have?

No, space heaters generally use 1500 watts of electricity. This is equivalent to (15)
100 watt light bulbs or (2) window air conditioners.

Should I get a generator?

A generator takes up little space and is simple to operate. It is the best defense, in case of power loss, to prevent further disruption of your household. The loss of refrigerated/frozen food, heat, causing frozen and broken pipes, sump pump failures and home security systems can be costly as well as frightening. More and more people are installing back-up generators. It’s great peace of mind.

Should I turn off the computer during a storm?

All electrical appliances, including computers, should be UNPLUGGED during an electrical storm. This will prevent lightning from destroying the device.

My refrigerator isn’t working, and it’s new

Try plugging in something different to test the outlet. If the item you plugged in works, then it’s not the outlet or the wiring, but your new refrigerator!

My lamp is not working and I changed the bulb

Even a new bulb can be bad. Use one you know is working. If that’s not it, check that the lamp isn’t plugged into an outlet on a wall switch and if it is, that both the lamp and the wall switch are in the “ON” position.

An outlet in my kitchen (or basement, outside, bathroom) isn’t working

Reset any and all GFI outlets in the room. Press the test and reset buttons. The affected outlet may be on the same circuit as a GFI outlet in the room. A surge could disable anything on the circuit.

Only part of my house has power

It may be outside at the pole. Call your electrical company first. There may have been a problem in your area.

My kitchen lights aren’t working

Check the circuit breaker (fuse) box. To re-set circuit breakers, turn them ALL off, and then back on. If you still have fuses in your (old) panel call us immediately to update your home wiring protection!

Is my wiring faulty?

Switches that don’t always work, outlets with extension cords and old-fashioned fuse boxes are signals that your electrical wiring needs attention. Statistically, the most frequent cause of residential fire is faulty electrical wiring.